Ceramic Raw Material Manufacturer

The unique physical properties and practical applications of modern ceramic materials have made ceramic engineering into a multi-billion dollar industry. WELLHOPE is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of ceramic-making materials such as the glaze stain, transparent frit, and inclusion pigment. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is widely renowned.
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Main products
    1. Inclusion Pigment
    2. Inclusion PigmentSince this sort of pigment itself is bright in color, it can cover other unwanted color in the ceramic glaze material. Thus it helps make the ceramics have higher color saturation. Through the process of ball-milling mixed with other glaze materials, it can be used for the printing of the ceramic glaze.
    1. Glaze Stain
    2. Glaze StainThe fineness of our product is 325 meshes and the residue is limited within 1%. Therefore, it is easy to disperse and can make the fired ceramics saturate in color.
      The glaze stain is a powdery solid that is insoluble in water. It can be fired in a temperature range of 1000°C-1300°C.
    1. Body Stain
    2. Body StainThe body stain we produce has a fineness of 325 meshes and a residual ratio of or less than 3%. It is in high quality and has a high tinting strength. Our product is in mass production with a yield which can reach to 1000t per month. Cash payment for purchasing raw materials helps reduce our production cost, thus we can offer products in a lower price.
    1. Roller Printing Stain
    2. Roller Printing StainDue to the higher fineness of 500 meshes and the residual ratio within 1%, our roller printing stain can be directly mixed with the ceramic glaze to be applied into ceramic roller printing without being ball-milled. In this way, the time and cost ceramic companies spend on ball-milling are saved.
    1. Transparent Frit
    2. Transparent Frit The frits are easy to be mixed with the glaze to make the fired ceramics present smooth surfaces with few pinholes. Its high transparency can help make the glaze stains present more attractive colors. By using our high quality products, the quality of your ceramic wares will also be improved.
    1. Waterproof Engobe Frit
    2. Waterproof Engobe FritWith fine whiteness the waterproof engobe frit can effectively cover the unwanted color of the unfired ceramic tile body. Because of the waterproof property, our product can prevent the water remained on the ceramic surface from infiltrate into the body of the ceramics.